National program assisting disabled to enrol in tertiary education

How can the NDCO Help?

The NDCO Program aims to work collaboratively with a range of organisations such as secondary schools, career and  youth services, employers and employment services, Adult Community Education (ACE) providers, VET providers and TAFE , as well as Universities and other higher education providers to develop effective policies and procedures for supporting people with disability to transition effectively to education and training, and subsequent employment.

Our best work is done when we work collaboratively with these services to improve the way they support transitions.

Some of the things we do:

  • Empower people with information about the range of post-school education, training and employment options and how to access them. For example presentations, forums, expos and events.
  • Informing people with disability, their families and carers about their rights , responsibilities, entitlements, provider obligations and strategies for successful transitions and participation in tertiary education and employment.
  • Referral and linking of individuals and organisations to local support services.
  • Help develop linkages between schools, vocational education and training providers, universities, employment services and disability programs.
  • Establish and support networks that promote communication, cooperation and strong linkages between professionals working in schools, adult community education , vocational and higher education as well as employment services.
  • Offer professional development and training to services and providers to help them better support transition planning .
  • Facilitate projects to address systemic barriers and issues that impact on people with disability making smooth transitions to tertiary education and employment.
  • Develop and distribute resources and information about effective transitions to people with disability, their families and supporters, education and training providers, and employers and employment services.


National Disability Coordination Officer
Programme (NDCO). South Australia:
Regions: 23-24-25

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