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The Disability Discrimination Act refers to reasonable adjustments that may be made by institutions to assist students with disabilities.Think about what adjustments you may need to help you with your study. For example, note takers, accessible lecture theatres, adjustable benches, extra time for assignments and exams, part time study, adaptive technology, screen readers or alternative exam venues
Based on your requirements the Disability Liaison Officer or Student Support Officer at your tertiary institution will draw up an access plan for you. This plan sets out the study requirements that you will need and authorises their implementation. The Disability Liaison Officer or Student Support Officer will negotiate with lecturers on your behalf regarding the implementation of the access plan.

Question 7

Mark the disclosure line below to identify how comfortable you are about revealing your disability or study requirement(s).

I don’t care who knows about my disability. I am comfortable talking about it.

No way I’d want anyone to know about my disability. I’m not at all comfortable talking about it.

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Question 10

There are many places that you can go for assistance if you want to talk to someone about disclosing your disability or study requirement(s). For instance:

  • Disability Liaison Officers or Student Support Officers
  • counsellors
  • lecturers or tutors

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National Disability Coordination Officer
Programme (NDCO). South Australia:
Regions: 23-24-25

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