Choosing a career is a lifelong journey with the possibility of several changes as opportunities and events occur along the way. Some people know from a young age what it is they want to do as a career; others are never 100% certain they have made the right choice. For any individual, finding the right career is a process of trial and error that starts with an idea and requires lots of exploration along the way.

A career is something much larger than a job or an occupation It is the variety of experiences of learning and work (both unpaid and paid) that we undertake throughout our lifetime. Our careers are influenced by many things, such as our interests, our age, our skills, our education, our families, our cultural values and economic, geographical and societal conditions most of which change over time.

Careers Services

Most schools will have at least one staff member employed to help young people identify their interests and research into various courses and employment options. These staff may be Careers Advisers, Guidance officers, Transition Advisers, VET Coordinators, external agencies and other staff employed to support young people in career transition. In some schools these staff can continue to work with your teenager if they exit (formally leaves) the school, are suspended, asked to leave or expelled. Contact with them can be by phone, or formal appointment.

The schools careers/transition team aims to help young people in the following ways:

  • Develop an understanding of their needs, interests, values, aptitudes, and aspirations with respect to education, training and work.
  • Investigate careers and opportunities, by assisting them to find out about local, national, and international opportunities in education, training and work.
  • Gain work experience which can be a great way to find out more about a particular field of work.
  • Develop and implement their career plans and helping them gain access to external resources.
  • Acquire the skills for making an effective transition from school to further education, training or employment such as completing application forms, writing a resume, applying for a course, interview skills etc.

The NDCO Program has developed a Career Planning Booklet to guide you, or you can go online and explore the NDCO Virtual Career Expo or watch the Career Expo Resources


My Future -

My Big Tommorrow:

The Job Guide - Students have access to the Job Guide at school, but they may not be available to take home. The Job Guide can be purchased from some newsagents for about $25. It is available on the Internet at:

Bullseye Posters - Link occupations and training requirements to subjects studied at school. Also available for download at:

Parents Talking Careers - This leaflet is for parents, guardians, or those who  have a responsibility or an interest in looking after  teenagers. It will provide you with information about career pathways, and give you suggestions  on how you can help your teenager to make career decisions.

My Career Choices -

Job Search Videos & profiles of careers - 

Careers Online Career One

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