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The National Disability

Coordination Officer Program

The Australian Government's National Disability Coordination
Officer (NDCO) Program works strategically to assist people
with disability access and participate in tertiary education and
subsequent employment, through a national network of regionally
based NDCOs.
National Disability Coordination Officer Program

Transition Planning

Transition planning is a process that helps young
people plan, prepare and work towards achieving
their future directions and goals.

Career Planning

Choosing a career is a lifelong journey with the
possibility of several changes as opportunities and
events occur along the way.

Education Pathways

Education in Australia starts with Pre-school or
Kindergarten & Reception Reception and is followed
by 12 years of primary & secondary school.

Employment Pathways

Going to work creates both personal and vocational
growth and adds to your teenager's network of

Disability Rights

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992 is a
Federal Act, makes discrimination on the grounds of
disability unlawful.

Disclosure Planning

"Disclosure" refers to the personal decision to tell
another person, employer or institution about a

Inclusive Technology

Inclusive Technology as applied to persons with
disabilities was previously referred to as 'special
needs computing', then 'adaptive technology'...


Career Planning Booklet, Create Your Future -
Empowering people with disability in study and work
- video clips
NDCO Webinar:

Customised Employment -

streamlining sustainable transitions

Date: Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Time: 12:30 - 1:30pm
Through the NDIS people with disability are increasingly seeking transition to work
supports. Join us in this webinar to gain knowledge and an overview of tools and resources
to support people who want to work and achieve suitable and sustainable employment
using a Customised Employment approach.
Customised Employment - streamlining sustainable transitions

National Disability Coordination Officer
Programme (NDCO). South Australia:
Regions: 23-24-25


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